Conan O'Brien & Steven Yeun Get K-Pop Makeover for J.Y. Park's 'Fire' Music Video

Conan O'Brien Steven Yeun K Pop Fire 2016
Courtesy of Team Coco

A scene from the video for "Fire" by J.Y. Park feat. Conan O'Brien, Steven Yeun and Jimin Park.

Conan O'Brien and The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun recently went through a full K-pop makeover, guyliner and all, thanks to the new music video from veteran K-pop singer J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin-Young and JYP). 

In the video for new single "Fire," Park gets help from O'Brien and Yeun, who visited South Korea last month to film a segment for O'Brien's television show Conan. While in Korea, they drank the K-flavor Kool-Aid and got transformed into Korean pop singers for the video, which finds them searching for the right sort of party in South Korea.  

Incorporating Conan's memorable "string dance" into the choreography, Park, Yeun, and O'Brien form a three-member boy band singing a throwback style electronic pop track. Throughout the video, O'Brien and Yeun sing in English and Korean while getting the K-pop treatment, ranging from colorful stage outfits to over-the-top makeup.

With trippy graphics and a self-mocking concept, the song is reminiscent of J.Y. Park's humorous collaborative song "Itaewon Freedom" with UV in 2011 and Psy's 2012 tongue-in-cheek hit "Gangnam Style."

The song features additional vocals by Jimin Park of the K-pop girl group 15&, although she is absent from the video. Wonder Girls and Twice, two popular Korean idol groups, appear throughout the video in a variety of situations to help Yeun and O'Brien on their journey to K-pop glory.

"Fire" is J.Y. Park's second single released this week following the age-defying anthem "Still Alive," where the musician declared his relevancy amidst the K-pop scene filled with his protégés, including the girl groups who appear in the music video.

Upon the release of the "Fire" video, O'Brien tweeted "this is either going [to] ruin my career or make it."

The music video for "Fire" was released through Conan's Team Coco YouTube channel on Saturday (April 9) and premiered the same day as the special Conan In Korea aired on TBS. Along with collaborating on "Fire," O'Brien also filmed a scene for the Korean drama One More Happy Ending during his and Yeun's docu-trip to the Korean Peninsula. Yeun and O'Brien previously explored Korean culture through a trip to a Korean-style spa in California.