Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America, Around the World: January 2016

Suzy & Baekhyun, "Dream" Single Cover

What happens when you combine two of K-pop's biggest stars on one single? A whole lot of YouTube views.

Suzy and Baekhyun teamed up for the jazz-tinged duet "Dream" and landed a huge hit that captivated both U.S. and global audiences. The members of girl group miss A and boy band EXO, respectively, earned the top-watched K-pop video of January 2016, according to YouTube.

A few other collaborations made their way onto this month's charts too with rapper Gary and Gaeko's hip-hop duet "Lonely Night" taking the runner-up slot in both rankings too. Meanwhile Crush and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation's "Don't Forget" bows on both charts (No. 3 in the U.S., No. 5 globally) as does K.Will and Davichi's collab "You Call It Romance" (No. 10 in America, No. 7 around the world).

There was mixed performance by girl groups and boy bands with appearances as the American chart favored the likes of Dal*Shabet (the highest-charting group in America at No. 5, but No. 6 globally), Stellar (No. 7 in America, No. 10 in the world), and WINNER (despite just hours of tracking, their "Baby Baby" was No. 10). Elsewhere, the global charts leaned towards GFriend (No. 3 globally, No. 6 in America) and Teen Top (they're No. 8 globally, but didn't place in America).

Notably, Zico's first foray into the R&B and ballad world is getting a nice YouTube response with "I Am You, You Are Me" performed highly at No. 4 on both charts.

With data provided by YouTube, check out January 2015's K-pop music video charts below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video. It's only here on Billboard: