The 10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2015

Wonder Girls
Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

Wonder Girls

Most fans would argue that it's tough to find just a few K-pop albums that are solid listens from front to back in a calendar year, but 2015 marked 12 months of such remarkably impressive full-lengths that it's splitting hairs to decide which of those records should be called the year's best. 

This year, K-pop acts began stepping away from depending on one big single to lead a (usually) lackluster album and created larger bodies of work for a deeper exploration of what makes each act's identity. The following 10 releases are not just a handful of hot tracks, but an artistic statement. Following Billboard's inaugural ranking last year, here are the Top 10 K-pop albums of 2015.

But most importantly, Reboot showcases the importance of a concept and what happens when an act believes in that concept. Wonder Girls wrote or played instruments (!) on nearly every track. It's that type of dedication to your concept, nay art, that makes for a body of work that rises above the rest. As previously mentioned, this year was filled with a spectacular amount of K-pop album releases, but the best comes when the act fully embraces what makes them unique.