Block B Preview U.S. Tour, Talk Favorite America Memories: Exclusive

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Block B Official US Tour Poster

Tomorrow (Nov. 11), Block B kicks off their latest U.S. tour to perform in San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles for what marks the hip-hop-inspired boy band's most extensive stateside visit to date. Billboard chatted with the guys about what audience members can expect, what they want to experience on the trek (spoiler: P.O really wants some deep dish), new music and more.

What kind of preparation have you been doing for these concerts?

Zico: We've been preparing a Block B-style repertoire and also performances that differ from our showcase last year in the U.S.
Kyung: We have been preparing a more dynamic and powerful stage for the fans.

What's the top reason fans should come out to see a Block B show?

Kyung: The energy of our live performances can't be truly felt through a TV or laptop screen -- it has to be experienced in-person.
P.O: We don't get to come to the U.S. very often, so we'd love it if fans could come out to support us.
B-Bomb: We've prepared a lot of brand new elements to our performances that audiences haven't seen before.
Taeil: Fans have to come so they can see that there's a K-pop group who can kill it on stage like we do.

What makes a Block B concert different from any other kind of concert?

P.O: Our shows are different because of the intimate connection between us and the audience and fans.
Jaehyo: Our performances are unique because we, and the audience, can jump around and have fun together.
U-Kwon: All seven of us have such individual personalities, that fans can get a wide range of emotions conveyed through our concert.

Are you preparing any special stages for these American shows?

U-Kwon: It's a secret -- if you want to find out, you’ll have to come see our show.
Kyung: Fans will be able to see Block B's subunit perform, as well as solo performances.

Are you going to have time to explore San Francisco, Chicago or Los Angeles? Anything you want to see or food you want to try?

P.O: I'd love to spend some time shopping. I'd also love to eat some Chicago pizza in the dressing room, while prepping for the show.
Jaehyo: I'd love to try out all of the famous burger joints in each city.
Kyung: I've been to most of the places, but I really want to eat King Taco in L.A.
U-Kwon: I'd love to go visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

This isn't your first time coming to the U.S. together. What are some of your best memories from previous visits?

Zico: I loved having some free time in L.A. to go exploring the city.
Jaehyo: I really enjoyed hanging out with the members at the beautiful beaches in Florida.
B-Bomb: I'll never be able to forget the streets of New York City at night.
U-Kwon: We didn't get to stay at Miami Beach for a long time, but I really enjoyed it.

Zico, you just released your solo single "Boys and Girls." How are you feeling about the release? Will we get to see that song live on tour?

Zico: The response has been so much better than I expected, so I'm incredibly happy and grateful! I really want to prepare a complete and fully perfected stage for the fans, so please wait a bit more for that.

Other than this tour, what else does Block B have planned for the rest of the year or early 2016? Have you been recording new music?

Zico: Day or night, we're always preparing new material!
P.O: We've been continuously writing and producing new content for the fans to enjoy.

As a parting message, what would you like to say to your U.S. fans?

Zico: See you soon!
P.O: Hello! We'll be there soon, so we hope you are looking forward to our tour! I want to eat Chicago pizza with you guys!
Jaehyo: Hi!! We'll be there shortly, so hang tight!
B-Bomb: I love you so much!!
Kyung: The tour seems so far, and yet so close -- and vice versa. I'm so glad that we have the opportunity to see our fans through this tour.
Taeil: Hello BBCs in the U.S.! The thought of seeing you all soon makes me so happy. Come out to our show, and let's make some unforgettable memories!
U-Kwon: Thanks to all the U.S. fans who have been patiently waiting for us and supporting us! I can’t wait to see you guys and put on a show that we can all enjoy, and I hope that we can come to perform in America more often in the future.

Block B's 2015 US Tour kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow. Some tickets are still available via Subkulture Entertainment.


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