Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: August 2015

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The last two music videos of BIGBANG's four-EP, seven-video "Made" series end on a high note as they're crowned the most-viewed K-pop vids on YouTube last month. They beat out competition from other international acts Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls, with the three groups' new visuals earning top rankings around the world and in the U.S for August.

BIGBANG's "Let's Not Fall in Love," revealed on Aug. 4, takes top honors for August's most-viewed K-pop video in America and around the world, according to YouTube. The band's other August music video, "Zutter" performed by members G-Dragon and T.O.P, takes second in both rankings too. 

Girls' Generation also unleashed a pair of visuals with "Lion Heart" and "You Think" -- both ranking in the top five of both lists, with the former landing at No. 3 on both and "You Think" placing in fourth in America, but fifth internationally. Wonder Girls' comeback single "I Feel You" snuck into the international tally at No. 4, while ranking fifth in America.

The rankings remain mostly the same otherwise this month. The latest from SHINee, HyunA and T-ara all rank Nos. 6-8, respectively. The differences come towards the end when Apink's "Petal" video lands at No. 9 on the international list, but didn't make the U.S. one. Meanwhile, "Sweet Girl" by boy band B1A4 (who toured America last year) charted on the American top 10, but missed out on the world one.

Lastly, VIXX's first sub-unit VIXX LR (made up of members Leo and Ravi) prove high interest all around, landing their debut music video for "Beautiful Liar" on both YouTube charts.

Check out August 2015's charts, according to YouTube, below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video, only on Billboard:

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - August 2015:

1. BIGBANG, "Let's Not Fall in Love"
2. BIGBANG (GD&T.O.P), "Zutter
3. Girls' Generation, "Lion Heart" 
4. Girls' Generation, "You Think" 
5. Wonder Girls, "I Feel You" 
SHINee, "Married to the Music" 
7. HyunA, "Roll Deep" 
8. T-ara, "So Crazy" 
9. VIXX LR, "Beautiful Liar"
10. B1A4, "Sweet Girl"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in the World - August 2015

1. BIGBANG, "Let's Not Fall in Love"
2. BIGBANG (GD&T.O.P), "Zutter"
3. Girls' Generation, "Lion Heart"
4. Wonder Girls, "I Feel You"
5. Girls' Generation, "You Think"
6. SHINee, "Married to the Music"
7. HyunA, "Roll Deep"
8. T-ara, "So Crazy"
9. Apink, "Petal"
10. VIXX LR, "Beautiful Liar"