Red Velvet Drop Brassy 'Dumb Dumb' Single, Quirky 'Red' Album

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Red Velvet

Red Velvet are embracing their quirky side with a brassy new single "Dumb Dumb" and their debut full-length album The Red

The music video is equally random as the RV gals prance and dance around colorful sets, mostly set in factory areas with conveyer belts spitting out Pippi Longstocking-inspired copies of the girls. There isn't a ton of choreography showcased here, but the most impressive point comes during the ladies' spot-on robot dances, looking like actual mannequins -- a play off one of the track's lyrics.

The unexpected sonic shifts and shocks in "Dumb Dumb" continue throughout The Red, the group's debut full-length album released just hours after the single. Red Velvet previously told Billboard about embracing the two sides of the group -- the fun and pop-oriented "red" side and the mature, R&B-inspired "velvet" side -- but appropriately The Red lets the former shine.

The best Red tracks are the unexpected genre-mashes like "Don't U Wait No More" (blending a cappella, vocal layerings with bouncy electro-pop and hip-hop rhythms -- hear in a snippet tease below), "Red Dress" (which opens with fast-paced claps before dropping into a lush blend of synthesizers and trappy snares), and album closer "Cool World" (with an intro similar to "It Takes Two" ahead of the sweet, girl-group harmonies throughout). It's an impressive, solid debut album and potentially indicates big things for the act that needs to follow in the footsteps of their beloved female label mates Girls' Generation and f(x)