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T-ara Fan on How Scandals & Rumors Made Queen's Stronger: 'It Weeded Out the Fake Fans'

T-ara 2015
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As part of Billboard's Fan Army Face-Off 2015, we've asked people to write about what being part of the fandom means to them. Read below for an essay from a T-ara fan. Fans of the K-pop girl group are called Queen's. 

Like any fandom, Queen's are fiercely loyal to our chosen idol, but T­-ara inspires a special kind of dedication among their fans. It's more than just their insanely catchy music, good looks, and addictive choreography that makes us love T-­ara so much. (Although those things certainly help!)

Queen's have watched T­-ara persevere through contrived scandals and false rumors for over six years now, but instead of cracking under the pressure, it's only made us stronger. T­-ara's hardships were ultimately a good thing; it weeded out all the fake fans, brought the true Queen's together, and created a much closer bond between the fan and the artist. If T-­ara can overcome walls of adversity just to entertain us and bring some joy to our lives, then the least us Queen's can do is support T­-ara by buying their music or helping them win online polls against Directioners and The Beyhive.

K-­pop as a genre is all about perfection, but T-­ara isn't perfect by K-­pop standards. They're older than your average girl group and they're not identical Barbie doll beauties like the flawless Girls' Generation. They don't sing like the Brown Eyed Girls, and their music isn't the experimental genre-­bending stuff that's made f(x) a critical darling. But they're unique and flawed and fun, and their one­-size-­fits-­all dance hits are some of the catchiest stuff to ever come out of Korea. Most of all, though, they're strong, and their ability to never give up no matter what is truly inspirational.

And to Queen's, that's more admirable and awe-­inspiring than anything else in the world.

--Jacques Peterson, @arcadeyblog,