Girls' Generation Showcase Their Mature & Sexy Dancer Sides in 'You Think' Video

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Girls' Generation

If "Lion Heart" hinted that Girls' Generation were straying from their oh-so-bubbly image, then "You Think" confirms it.

Staying in line with the top-notch choreography shown in "Catch Me If You Can," the video again sees Girls' Gen attempting more intricate routines than they have in years -- to must-watch results. (Don't miss Seohyun nearly stick a spread eagle on the second verse.) It's almost an afterthought how they're serving a sexier-than-ever look.

Perhaps the biggest visual clue that this is a new Girls' Generation comes from the seemingly inconsequential apple featured in the video, a prop that also appeared in the vid for 2014's "Mr.Mr." While last year's apple was adorned in pink rhinestones, the "You Think" fruit is pierced with nails -- an edgy decision for the outfit. On a similar note, "Mr.Mr." indicated the girls moving past their innocent image, but it was hard to take them totally seriously when they were in baby-doll dresses.