Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: July 2015

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment

Girls' Generation

With a song and video perfect fo the summer, it's no surprise Girls' Generation snagged the most watched K-pop music video in July 2015, according to YouTube. The phenoms' "Party" video was the most-watched vid around the world and in America last month, proving their unwavering viral power even amid a lineup shift. It's the second time they snagged top viewing honors on the K-pop scene this year after "Catch Me If You Can" owned YouTube viewers' eyes in April.

The girls edge out competition from other top acts who all released amid what's proving to be one of the most competitive summers for K-pop in recent history. In both the U.S. and worldwide YouTube charts, GOT7 landed in second place with their uplifting visual for "Just Right" while Girl's Day was third for their colorful "Ring My Bell" vid.

Super Junior, Apink and INFINITE fought it out for the fourth, fifth and sixth spots as Apink wound up in fifth on both rankings with their seasonal "Remember" track. INFINTIE landed in fourth in America for "Bad," but sixth around the world, flip-flopping those slots with Super Junior whose Hollywood-esque "Devil" video was fourth worldwide, but sixth in the States.

Elsewhere, Crush's "Oasis" vid landed on both rankings, charting higher in America than worldwide -- making his recent KCON performance all the more important. And despite releasing their newest music videos towards the end of the month, Beast still charted with "Gotta Go to Work" (which premiered on July 19) on both the worldwide and American charts while "Yey" (which dropped on the 26th) only snuck into the last spot in America, indicating the boys still have a large fanbase in the States.

The last notable point comes from girl group Stellar whose provocative "Vibrato" video lands on both charts. Stellar became a controversial topic in Korea and on the K-pop scene for their suggestive choreography and concepts. Despite the group's lack of any sizable chart hits, YouTube viewers were clearly tuning in.

Check out July 2015's list, according to YouTube, below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video only on Billboard:

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in the World - July 2015:

1. Girls' Generation, "Party"
2. GOT7, "Just Right"
3. Girl's Day, "Ring My Bell"
4. Super Junior, "Devil"
5. Apink, "Remember"
6. INFINITE, "Bad"  
7. MC Gaeswag, "T Pet on My Neck"
8. Beast, "Gotta Go to Work"
9. Stellar, "Vibrato"
10. Crush, "Oasis" ft. Zico