GOT7 Talk 'Just Right,' Learning Acrobatics & Give Confidence Advice to Fans at KCON 2015: Exclusive

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GOT7 on the Red Carpet at KCON Los Angeles 2015

KCON Los Angeles wasn't GOT7's first American visit, but it might have been their most eventful yet. The boy band not only met supporters at a fan meeting and performed their singles at L.A.'s famed Staples Center, but also surprised attendees by appearing in an impromptu fashion show on the convention floor and held a dance battle with fellow boy bandeers Monsta X during the concert

In the middle of the fun, not to mention the promotions for their uplifting new single "Just Right" -- which hit No. 3 on Billboard'World Digital Songs chart, a new record for the act -- the guys took a breather to chat with Billboard backstage at KCON.

Despite their hectic pace, the guys' energy was high as they spoke excitedly over one another, at one point making a joke about how all of them wanted to talk at once. BamBam, Yugyeom, Youngjae and JB were the most chatty while Mark and Junior remained more observant and calm; balancing out the uber-pep in the room.

Even with member Jackson missing, the boys didn't miss a beat onstage nor as they spoke animatedly about meeting U.S. supporters, which undoubtedly will spike their anticipation to meet more international fans on tour -- which the guys hinted might happen next year. Get a feel for the guys' energy -- along with some words of encouragement -- below.


What's it been like rehearsing in the Staples Center? What's going through your minds right now?

Yugyeom: We're very honored. It's been awhile and we see there are more fans. American fans are great and we're particularly excited because this is where NBA teams play. It feels even more honorable. 

You visited America not too long ago, but you said you're noticing a bigger fan reaction. How so?

Yugyeom: Including our fan meeting and hi-touch [earlier today at KCON], we met fan from San Francisco, fans from Canada. We feel like our fanbase here is getting bigger.

What's it like traveling to America together? Do you guy have a favorite place to eat yet?

BamBam: In & Out Burger, all day. But traveling together is more fun; there's more energy traveling together. We're good together, we're doing well.

You're GOT7 but obviously one person isn't here and you're six. What do you do when a member is missing?

GOT7: We take over their part and rotate the spots in choreography. We make sure it's a balance, but it's the best when we're all together.

You recently released "Just Right," both the single and its EP. It has a real uplifting message, how did you feel about taking on this single?

Yugyeom: We can do these kinds of uplifting songs while we're young. It's really fun. And it makes us feel really good.

Do you ever feel any kind of burden or worry when presenting these types of songs?

Youngjae: It's more excitement than being nervous.

Moving onto the "Just Right" video, it seems like you got a chance to show your personalities -- particularly on the dance break part when you guys make some funny faces -- more than most groups do.

Yugyeom: That's our favorite part.

JB: Personally, I actually have gotten hypnotized by repeating it so much.

BamBam: You know, this time it's not really a cute concept. People are like, "Oh! It's cute!" We're not trying to be cute this time.

You guys perform acrobatics and stunts in your live shows. How do you prepare for that? Are you ever scared to attempt a trick?

Yugyeom: When we were trainees, we practiced a lot to be good at that. It's been two or three years of perfecting the flipping and the technique. But when we try a new move for the first time, we get kind of worried about an injury or having an accident. 

Any cool moves you're working on right now?

BamBam: We'll soon get to work on something new; something people want to see, something more dangerous. We're working on it, well, Mark's the only one working on it. I'm trying. [Laughs]

Any new music on the way?

JB: Our new EP came out recently and we're going to work on that song more. We want to take proper time to promote it. Meanwhile, we're going to be doing many concerts this year and at the top of next year.

Your supporters really came out in our Fan Army Face-Off. Do you have a message to your international fanbase?

JB: We hope our new song is brightening your day. We're going to work harder to see fans all around the world and you can expect to see more of us in the future.

So, if you could give fans one piece of advice to tell them they're "Just Right," particularly to those who are going through a rough time, what would you tell them?

Yugyeom: It'll be all right. Whatever happens, take some time, and it'll get better. Don't worry.

Mark: You don't have to worry about your looks or what you look like. You're your own person.

Youngjae: [Begins singing the Michael Jackson hit] "You are not alone..."

JB: Look up at the sky when you're down. It makes me feel better when I look up to the sky.

Junior: What you're worried and thinking about right now, it might not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

BamBam: Don't worry about what other people think of you. Just be yourself, listen to yourself. Just do what do want you want. You know, YOLO. And then listen to our song and watch our music video. [Laughs]


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