SHINee Get Odd, Lose Body Parts in 'Married to the Music' Video

Courtesy of SM Entertainment


SHINee's most recent album may have been titled Odd, but the boy band waited until the LP's repackage to get really weird.

After bringing the excellently breezy house jam "View" as the lead single for Odd, a new repackage titled Married to the Music comes with four new tracks. The release's title track is a journey of different genres, opening with what initially sounds like a beatbox-heavy, hip-hop sound before flipping to a sexy, bouncy electronic beat on the verses until we get to a funk-inspired chorus that mixes in horn blasts, groovy guitar strums and classic boy-band harmonies. You could say this is inspired by '70s disco or '80s funk, but it's tough to pin down the exact genre of "Married to the Music" -- the markings the best kinds of K-pop tracks.

The music video is a bit B movie horror film with a little Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque camp thrown in as the guys hit a ghoulish party with radioactive drinks whiel a faceless woman (who may or may not be a crazed SHINee fan) finds ways to steal the guys' body parts by throwing a knife through Key's neck, stealing Jonghyun's lips through a kiss and such. All the boisterous body-snatching is spliced up with scenes of the guys' slick-as-ever choreography.

While international fans may gawk that it's a bit early for Halloween, SHINee is actually embracing South Korean's tradition to flock to horror films in the heat of summer. It's common knowledge in the country that one's body temperature cools while watching the genre, so to cope with sweltering temperatures South Korea's ideal time for a scary movie is the summer. The quintet embrace the tradition with their own take on a murder mystery, but add a touch of Odd-ness to coincide.

"Married to the Music" is one of four new tracks on SHINee' repackaged LP, alongside "Savior," "Hold You" and "Chocolate." You can listen to the now-15-track album via Spotify.


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