Beast Mess Around With EDM on New Single 'Yey'

Courtesy of Cube Entertainment


The entire track has all the elements of a polished EDM cut with each verse slowly building and getting more complex and percussive before building to its ultimate breakdown, all of which the sextet successfully pull off. But by the time the chorus (or, what is typically the breakdown) hits, it has lost its initial identity. Flipping a genre on its head like this would only happen in the always-experimental world of K-pop, making it an admirable musical attempt, just ultimately jumbled. 

The music video sees the Beast boys letting loose as they try to piece together what happened from a wild night out, which means a lot of fun flashbacks to the guys drinking, getting wild at a club and shots where members Yoseob and Gikwang show off their abs. Of course, there's loads of seamless group choreography that almost tones down the harshness of the chorus when the band glide through slick moves together.