TVXQ! Release New Music Videos, Album as Member U-Know Enlists in South Korean Military

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment


TVXQ! are leaving their fans with loads of gifts as they take a short break.

Both U-Know and Max of the iconic K-pop outfit will begin their mandatory enlistment in the South Korean military this year. Ahead of it, the group released a new full-length album along with two new music videos. Rise as God is being touted as a "Special Album" for TVXQ! with the 10-track set boasting fresh material along with two new solo singles from each member. Rise as God is being promoted by two of the solo tracks, one by Max and the other by U-Know. 

According to The Korea Herald, U-Know arrived at a training camp in South Korea's Yangju, Gyeonggi province on July 21 with friends, family and his manager accompanying him. The paper adds many fans were still gathered outside the camp despite the exact date and time not being revealed. U-Know originally said goodbye to fans during TVXQ!'s two-night stand at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Arena on June 13 and 14.

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment

Currently, the singer is tentatively scheduled to be released from duty on April 20, 2017. U-Know's fellow TVXQ! member Max, 27, is said to also enlist this year too and the duo will reunite in 2017 for new music. All healthy and able-bodied men between ages 18 and 35 serve in the country's military for 21 months as South Korea is still technically still at war with North Korea.

You can listen to Rise as God on Spotify to get your (temporarily) last listen of greatness from true K-pop royalty.