Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: June 2015

Courtesy of YG Entertainment


It was a close YouTube battle of two of the largest international K-pop acts when BIGBANG and EXO released new music videos within hours of each other last month. But in the end, the YG Entertainment quintet snagged the most views on YouTube for June 2015.

"Bang Bang Bang" dropped on June 1 and wound up the most-viewed K-pop video both in America and around the world for the month, beating out EXO's "Love Me Right" (released June 2, and is at No. 2 on both rankings) along with BIGBANG's own "We Like 2 Party" vid (released on June 4, and is at No. 3 on both lists). BIGBANG topping both lists means SM Entertainment ends its remarkable, five-month streak at No. 1 atop the U.S.-focused chart provided by YouTube each month. 

A cast of top boy bands fought for high rankings too, including the latest videos from 2PM, Teen Top and BTS -- the latter group who ranked much higher in America than they did internationally.

Girl groups AOA and Sistar's new videos dropped on the same day, but AOA wound up outcharting Sistar both on the Stateside and the international list. 

Check out June 2015's list, according to YouTube, below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video only on Billboard:

1. BIGBANG, "Bang Bang Bang"
2. EXO, "Love Me Right"
3. BIGBANG, "We Like 2 Party"
4. BTS, "Dope"
5. 2PM, "My House"
6. EXO, "Love Me Right" (Chinese Version)
7. AOA, "Heart Attack"
8. Sistar, "Shake It"
9. BIGBANG, "Sober"
10. Teen Top, "Ah-Ah"