Apink Drop Sweet, Seasonal New Single 'Remember'

Courtesy of Acube Entertainment


The music video though nails the idea of summer as the girls sail on a boat in a harbor, lay poolside and hang out at the beach. Apink has yet to shed their innocent image so, of course, laying poolside means being fully clothed and the members (who are all legal adults, mind you) also spend time playing in the field with dozens of balloons in tow.

Apink's sweet look mixed with slightly nostalgic dance-pop tracks hasn't failed them yet -- "Luv" was one of the best K-pop songs of last year -- so a huge directional change would have been a shock at this point. But with messy single production (despite how addictive it may be) and a concept that's starting to grow tired, "Remember" might be the first sign Apink may need to consider a slight refresh in the formula before making a major misstep.