K-Pop's Seven Best Boy Band Video Bromances

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B.A.P. in the video for "Where Are You?"

No girls allowed.

When it comes to any boy band, most of the videos are about making viewers swoon until they can't swoon anymore. But every now and then, a K-pop boy band comes together to forgo the fanservice and showcase just how strong their friendship is with their band members -- which typically ends up getting fans even hotter.  

To celebrate the oft-overlooked bonds that make the strongest boy bands even stronger, check out seven adorable K-pop music videos that shed a spotlight on the best bromances these guys have with their fellow band mates. 

1. BIGBANG, "We Like 2 Party"

Spotlighting their playful side, the mostly self-filmed video unlocked an entirely new dimension of BIGBANG for viewers. The DIY-styled visual shows how the boys love with one another, singing karaoke and even drawing on their passed-out squad member's face -- sorry, Daesung.

2. SHINee, "Colorful"

Released in December 2013, the video covers SHINee's entire year from behind-the-scenes footage of their three EP releases to decorating a Christmas tree together. You not only get to see the quintet's collective hard work pay off in filled stadiums, but also the band getting goofy together, like when they all dress up in costumes for a fan meet-and-greet on Halloween.

3. B.A.P, "Where Are You?"

Known for being a hip-hop boy band who embraces darker concepts, B.A.P shocked their fans with this cutesy video that showcased them adorably wandering around London. Sure, the lyrics are about being lonely, but the guys look anything but solemn as they are dancing and exploring England. 

4. B1A4, "Solo Day"

There's a few different plot lines going on in this summery video, but the main story is about the five B1A4 members coming together for an adventure across Los Angeles that sees them ravaging a breakfast diner before encountering an alien spaceship on a beach. It's all bizarre, but because the guys are together, it's got a warm, fuzzy heart.

5. 2PM, "Go Crazy!"

A song about getting crazy where you get to spend the entire music video doing just that with your boys? What's not to love here? 2PM's "Go Crazy!" is one of the few K-pop music videos where the fun lyrics are expounded upon by an even more euphoric visual. 

6. Beast, "Beautiful Night"

Beast turned into the ultimate party boys for their 2012 single, hitting downtown New York to graffiti their name on the walls and throw an all-night rager. But notice how the guys stick together through it all, never leaving each others' sides to go dance with the slew of babes, and instead walk the city streets and perform onstage for their party people. True bromancers party together.

7. Seventeen, "Adore U"

There might be a whopping 13 members here, but the Seventeen boys looked like they were having a blast in their debut video with scenes of the guys playing with each others' hair and throwing a rowdy birthday party. There's also loads of fun group choreography that would be hard to pull off if there wasn't a few bromances going on here. They may have just hit the K-pop scene a month ago, but Seventeen might be the boy-band bromance to watch.

Bonus: ToHeart, "Delicious"

Sure, they're not your usual boy band, but the debut music from SHINee's Key and Woohyun of INFINITE's duo project ToHeart is the definition of an on-camera bromance. In addition to getting funky with each other, the guys have a sleepover, help each other get ready in the morning -- all while making each other crack up. If two competing boy bands were ever going to collaborate, ToHeart shows them how to do it while having a great time.


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