Girls' Generation Tease 3 New Singles for the Summer: Which One Sounds Best? -- Vote!

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment

Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation is preparing to own your summer with not one, not two, but three new singles -- each seemingly boasting a very different musical and visual identity. The announcement came via a trailer that boasted clips of each song and accompanying video.

The girls will first throw "Party" at listeners that appears to be a bright, electro-pop confection that seems centered around a catchy whistle hook. The video see the girls hanging out on a beach resort all in vibrant bikinis and hair colors (hello Sunny's Little Mermaid hair!). Next is "Lion Heart" that seems to incorporate a throwback-soul sound seeing the girls in classy, bejeweled dresses. Last, "You Think" sees the girls embracing a hip-hop sound again while breaking it down in what looks like an underground garage -- reminiscent to their "Bad Girl" and "Mr.Mr." videos

Check out all three below:

"Party" will kick off the fun on July 7 when its released as the buzz single along with its b-side "Check," co-produced by Teddy Riley (who's worked with everyone from Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown to producing GG's 2011 single "The Boys."). SM Entertainment, the girls' record label, said the all-encompassing album featuring "Lion Heart" and "You Think" as its two lead singles will be released after.

So, if you can pick just one, which snippet has you most excited? Let us know.