Booty Obsession Hits K-Pop Thanks to Sistar's 'Shake It' Video: Watch

Courtesy of Starship Entertainment


No doubt that 2014 was year of the butt in Western-based pop music and now the more prudent K-pop scene dives into the trend thanks to Sistar.

But while the lyrics of "Shake It" are more or less referring to a guy making the girls' hearts "shake," the accompanying video tells a much different story.

Similarly to Sistar's past videos, "Shake It" is a vibrant, visual treat that spotlights the groups' playful personalities -- though, now with a newfound emphasis on their money makers. In line with ass-centric vids of last year, there are moments of just pure booty shaking for the camera as the girls don school-girl outfits and yoga pants with the most memorable scene seeing the girls bump their rumps with a half-dozen back-up dancers.

Wth the suggestive choreography and outfits, it's the most upfront we've seen the group with their sexuality, but there's a strong girl-power message here. Sistar bully the boys lusting after them and disrupt their obnoxious male professor to shake it together. And, as always, the girls do it all looking like the best of friends making their ushering in of booty obsession way less scandalous than how Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez did it.