AOA Transform Into Lovelorn Lacrosse Players for 'Heart Attack'

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


From Catwoman-esque spies in "Like a Cat" to lacrosse players in their new single, AOA confirm their position as the K-pop act with the best taste in costumes with the girl group's latest release.

"Heart Attack" sees AOA changing up their signature, rhythmic sound (the same one that helped them initially break out with last year's "Miniskirt") to embrace a peppy, electro-pop production. Over the stadium-sized EDM sound that initially broke thanks to Calvin Harris and David Guetta, the septet bring fluttery vocals that, at times, get lost in the unforgiving beats, but become more easily deciphered upon further listening. The group will need to nail the head voice-heavy delivery (not to mention the athletic choreography) during live performances to guarantee the success of this single.

Similar to the videos for "Short Hair" and "Like a Cat," the band's latest gets a glossy, concept-driven visual that sees the girls playing adorable underdogs. This time, the setting is a school where the gal pals are part of a pitiful lacrosse team and the male lead leaves member Choa blushing and flustered. Seolhyun plays the new girl who, at first, looks like she's going to steal Choa's crush away, but instead helps her fellow ladies with their lacrosse, equipment, stretching and flirting. By the next game, they're are kicking their competitors' asses and (spoiler alert!) Choa gets the guy.

Similar to EXO's sports-themed "Love Me Right" video there's a few laughable oversights (like how females are competing against an all-male team, which wouldn't happen in any school, along with the complete lack of gear on AOA, but full-on protection for their competitors), but it's all done in a fun and colorful way to make them easy to overlook.