Teen Top Bring Extraordinarily Fancy Footwork for Vibrant 'Ah Ah' Video

Courtesy of Top Media

Teen Top

Nine months ago Teen Top began showing a more mature side of themselves with edgy and emotional singles like "Missing" and "I'm Sorry," but for their latest release the sextet is back to being the rambunctious bunch fans know and love. Only, on "Ah Ah," the group's doing it with a new wave of sophistication. 

Even more than usual K-pop videos, "Ah Ah" is a delicious visual treat that sees the band inside a vibrant world of saturated neons and pastels. But, aside from the scene-stealing moment starring Ricky's butt at 1:35, the guys' dancing steals the show -- looking just as in-sync as it did in 2013's "Rocking" video. The choreography deserves specific note, as it looks at once mostly freestyle but stays uniform as they're kicking, shuffling and skipping through the air.

While we see groups like INFINITE attempting similarly challenging moves, it's typically just one or two members going for the really tough ones. Here all six of the TT dudes get in on the mind-boggling routine.

"Ah Ah" is the lead single from the sextet's new Natural Born EP that was released with five other new tracks. Along with AOA (who dropped a new single the same day as Teen Top), the boys will return to the U.S. for a performance at the first-ever East Coast date of KCON, the biggest K-pop festival in North America.