EXO Indulge Fan Fantasies With Sports-Themed 'Love Me Right' Video

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment

EXO aren't slowing down after earning the largest sales week ever for a K-pop act and follow up their record-breaking Exodus album with a repackage version of the LP that includes four new tunes and the lead single "Love Me Right."

The boy band's latest is centered around thumping bass line and lively guitars along with surging synths snaking throughout the verses. Like "Call Me Baby" earlier this year, the chorus is a delicious earworm with bits of brass added in for an extra burst of flavor. The tough-to-pin-down production finds a way to balance classic instrumentation with electronic elements in way that it'd be wrong to call this throwback-inspired or futuristic-leaning; making it a song that best thrives and represents K-pop's boundary-less creative field.

As if a fantastic new pop single wasn't enough, EXO also dropped a new video that probably steals a page or two from fan fictions.

The boys star in a slew of visually delectable scenes, but the most memorable sees the guys as football players on the field and hanging out (and undressing) in the locker room. While the sports theme gets a little muddied (at one point the guys are wearing baseball caps in their football uniforms), it's a fun and too-underused concept for boy bands and EXO look great in it.

There's also scenes where the guys dance in schoolboy suits and ties -- likely a nod to the band's "Growl" video which, at 68.8 million views, is their most-watched vid on YouTube to date. But as fans who have seen all of their videos will note, there's nine EXOers here, after member Tao quietly took a break following his father publicly expressing concern over his son's career and recent injuries sustained. Tao's position is not clear (unlike the officially inactive members Kris and Luhan, who both are attempting to dissolve their contracts) and EXO's label SM Entertainment announced the group would promote as nine while negotiations with Tao continue.

"Love Me Right" is one of four songs included on the newly released Exodus re-release Love Me Right - The 2nd Album Repackage. The single joins rhythmic dance joint "Tender Love," the pounding R&B cut "First Love" and snappy ballad "EXO 2014." Per usual, the group released in both Korean and Chinese (see the Mandarin Chinese version of "Love Me Right" below), which are combined when counted for Billboard's charts. The outfit broke a few records with Exodus including a slot on the Canadian Hot 100 and the most entries ever for a K-pop act on World Digital Songs. Could they break their own records again this year?