Girls' Generation Show Mind-Blowing Dance Routine in 'Catch Me If You Can' Video

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment Japan

Girls' Generation

The video is where the girls are really shining this time around. In what's probably their best and athletic choreography since their 2011 single "The Boys," GG doesn't stop moving once the music starts. They move through complicated group formations, cascade to the floor gracefully and collectively whip their hair multiple times.

While there's the occasional cutesy move (like the flapper-esque shimmying on the first chorus), this choreography is more about looking powerful and, at times, sexy -- typically a look Girls' Generation has shied away from, opting to focus on bright and feminine concepts. Look out for some leg spreads on the first pre-chorus build and the multiple booty shakes towards the camera. It's a new personality for the group, but they're owning it.

"Catch Me If You Can" will inevitably get comparisons to Ciara's 2009 music video for "Work": The construction site setting looks nearly the same and the white tank top/jeans look is reminiscent of one of CiCi's video looks. 

The new track isn't a full-fledged new K-pop single (like last year's excellent "Mr.Mr."), but rather a new song they're promoting in Japan ahead of their upcoming Korean comeback, rumored to take place next month. "Catch Me If You Can" was recorded in Korean and Japanese, with the latter language's official release coming later this month. Girls' Generation currently boasts three No. 1s on the Japan Hot 100.

"Catch Me If You Can" also marks Girls' Generation's first single without original member Jessica Jung, who is no longer in the group after a messy departure that has still not been fully explained. Even in the midst of a little bit of controversy, Girls' Generation's decision to focus on their talents is a smart move no matter what the situation.