Miss A Shimmer With Synthy, Swaggering Comeback Single 'Only You'

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

miss A

After almost a year-and-a-half away from the K-pop scene, miss A returns with a bubbly new single that not only is guaranteed to send hearts aflutter, but re-established the girl group and its individual members after their hiatus.

"Only You" is a balanced blend consisiting of sparkling '80s synths and a rougher, hip-hop beat. The sound's best captured on the pre-chorus section when fuzzy synthesizers swirl with trappy snares and hip-hop chants. That leads to the explosive, bubblegummy chorus that mixes bright melodies and a layer of soulful "oohs," before it flips into a swagger-heavy, instrumental breakdown as the girls declare "only you" will be their baby.

Simlar to EXO's new music video, the accompanying music video to "Only You" also does a great job at showcasing its members' individual styles. Girly Suzy rocks a flirty halter top and mini skirt, badass Min sports a baseball cap and peekaboo-heavy tops, eldest member Fei dons fashion-forward dresses while Jia plays up her charms in boy underwear. One of the unexpectedly awesome parts about miss A is how it's been built to showcase each member's unique personalities and how she differs from her counterparts. Yet, the quartet always presents itself like a cohesive unit. Fans have seen this for years in recent videos for "Hush" and "I Don't Need a Man," but it feels more declarative than ever in this new clip.