EXO Get Back to Boy Band Basics on 'Call Me Baby'

Courtesy of S.M. Entertainment


EXO is reminding fans why they fell in the love with the Korean-Chinese boy band with a no-frills new single and music video for its latest earworm "Call Me Baby."

The video instead focuses on the band's insane choreography and charisma. Every soloist stares at the audience during his part, with the camera almost always zooming in to catch every wink and eye smile. It's paired with loads of group choreography that feels a little more free and fun than past routines (like the one-two punch of the ab roll followed by the tip-toe walk from 2:10-2:20). It isn't the incredible one-take performance of "Growl," but it's still really impressive.

Where the video strays from the usual boy-band formula is letting its individual member's personalities shine through -- a positive point here, for sure. While "Overdose" and "Growl" more or less had the band in very similar outfits, "Call Me Baby" has the guys' in different, nearly contrasting looks that includes everything from basketball jerseys and long fashion jackets to basketball shorts and patterned skinny jeans. It's not easy to make sure 10 dudes get their equal shine, but letting their different styles make a statement as fans watch (and undoubtedly re-watch) the visual, helping solidify each member's place.

Even after a tough year where the band lost two of its original members, EXO pushes ahead by focusing on the strengths that has made them one of the biggest boy bands of the moment (the band's Overdose EP charted respectably on the Billboard 200 last year) and "Call Me Baby" is a strong attempt to do so.