Crayon Pop Channel Power Rangers, Sailor Moon in 'FM' Video

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Crayon Pop

After a year that included touring with Lady Gaga and playing SXSW, Crayon Pop made their full-group comeback to the K-pop scene via new single "FM." While the act has kept their signature silliness after their whirlwind year, it's clear they've definitely done some maturing.

The track's new video plays out like the quintessential 1990s super hero show (hello, Power Rangers!) with Crayon Pop transforming into butt-kicking characters with matching jumpsuits and high-tech weaponry to defeat a monster villain and his minions (his Putty Patrollers, if you will). There's loads of cheesy graphics and the classic scenes where the heroes' magically lose their clothes and transform into their warrior outfits. It's almost nostalgic for those who grew up with those Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Look out for a few nods to Sailor Moon too with the quintet's colorful, cape-clad schoolgirl uniforms and a mysterious man resembling Sailor Moon's love interest Tuxedo Mask coming to save the girls at one point.

It's another must-watch visual from the silly girl group, but also might be their most entertaining to date after the surprise viral hit of "Bar Bar Bar" and the cardio-heavy "Uh-ee":

Kiddy imagery aside, "FM" is by far the most mature Crayon Pop's sounded via this addictive dance single with its slight tinge of melancholy. It's the type of song fellow girl group T-ara would have released at their height as, before the outfit was rocked by a still-unclear bullying scandal in 2012, they created very similar earworms. While there's been plenty of shouting and quirky yelps in past Crayon Pop singles, their new release is way smoother and cooler to the ears. The girls adopt a laidback, almost-sensual singing style with a chorus that sounds a bit like a more upbeat version of T-ara's "Day by Day." 

The CP girls even look more mature in their video, losing their signature headgear (helmets in "Bar Bar Bar," headscarves in "Uh-ee") and showing some stylish haircuts -- namely Gummi's bob with turquoise tips.

"FM" seems to show that Crayon Pop can and will still make entertaining visuals, but they're also capable of making music that can be taken seriously as they grow older too. Overall, it's a positive step forward in a difficult transition from viral sensation to legitimate music act.


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