FTISLAND Return With Hard-Rocking, Spiritual Sound on 'Pray'

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment


In January, FTISLAND told Billboard that the K-pop/rock band would preview their forthcoming music during their hard-rocking debut New York concert. Fans finally got to see just what the group meant with new single "Pray."

During their NYC show, Hong Gi spoke for his bandmates (via translator) telling the audience, "It's been about a year, year-and-a-half that I can do the music I actually want to... I'm really happy now." The noticeably heavier music and subject material is a risk for a mainstream act like FTISLAND, but there's a catchiness and excitement in "Pray" that connects well with the quintet's past discography. 

The accompanying video is heavy on symbolism as the members are seen trapped in small boxes; undoubtedly a metaphor for someone or something (Their record label? Economic pressures? Fan expectations? Themselves?) holding them back from feeling free. The band is also shown rocking out in a box together as clowns in business suits watch and laugh at their performance -- giving more indication it may have been a business or money motives that kept them from creative freedom. The video concludes with their box exploding after a riveting growl-belt from Hong Gi. If the video's metaphors are to be taken seriously, FTISLAND has demolished whatever was holding them back with nothing, but their undisputed talent.

According to record label FNC Entertainment, "Pray" is "the track that all members are proud enough to say that it is the closest to the music style that FTISLAND pursued out of their releases so far," which is in line with the band's statements from January. It's the lead single off their new full-length LP, I Will, which boasts 11 tracks composed and written entirely by the FTISLAND members.

Check out a medley of the new album cuts below and look out for a U.S. release soon.