Ga In Drops Brilliantly Dark-Yet-Sexy 'Paradise Lost' & 'Apple' Singles

Courtesy of Apop Entertainment

Ga In

Watch the fearless K-pop diva dance in front of a horde of naked men and show off her curves in these must-see videos.

K-pop's top shock diva Ga In is back with a pair of dark, sexy singles "Paradise Lost" and "Apple." The new tracks are off the Brown Eyed Girl member's Hawwah EP, titled after the classical Hebrew name for Eve a.k.a. the first woman created, according to the Bible.

"Paradise Lost" is the more striking of the two, based off the sound and video. Opening with ominous organs and strings, "Paradise Lost" opens with a nice balance of classical elements (piano, strings, sparse drums) and modern embellishments (booming beats, subtle electronica flourishes). But there's an unmistakable sinister sentiment as Ga In moans about wanting her lover to join her in paradise, her sweet vocals reverberating over the chorus' military march-like percussion.

The video is equally dark and seductive as a blue-haired Ga In writhes on the floor in a long, lacy gown and a black leotard amid images of a snakes slithering around the video set. There's loads of suggestive imagery -- from the choreography to Ga In letting droplets of water fall from a phallic-looking pipe -- but throughout it all Ga In looks strong and in control of her situation. It's only at the end, as Ga In sits on the ground as a horde of naked men crawl towards her, that she looks scared -- perhaps the moment where she loses the aforementioned paradise or the fantasy has gotten too intense for the brazen K-diva.

The accompanying video is also sweeter, but just as seductive as "Paradise Lost" as Ga In hangs out in a backyard in a curve-hugging red outfit that showcases her "apple" very, very well.

While Ga In's global star blew up after co-starring in PSY's "Gentleman" video, she's managed to command global attention with boundary-pushing tracks ("Fxxk U" made Spin's Best Songs of 2014) and visuals ("Paradise Lost" earned more than one million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours).