15&'s 'Love Is Madness' Is a Brilliantly Realistic Love Song for Valentine's Day

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

During Valentine's Day, there are typically two styles of music a person will listen to: Lovey-dovey, makeout-ready slow jams or spiteful breakup songs to empower one's single self. But young K-pop duo 15& shake things up on their latest single "Love Is Madness," featuring Kanto of hip-hop boy band Troy, and take a refreshingly honest approach to that crazy little thing called love.

On the smooth R&B track, 17-year-olds Jimin and Yerin explain the maddening game of getting burned by love, but always wanting to come back for more. Sounding beyond their years while still remaining relevant to young listeners, the duo detail how they only end up hurt, but keep finding themselves falling back into the same habits of someone in love. Checking up on someone on social media, reminiscing on old memories, constantly checking the phone to hear from an ex, it's all filled with very relatable mentions and lines for any listener.

Watch a live performance of "Love Is Madness" with Kanto below:

Just like their excellent 2014 single "Can't Hide It" -- one of Billboard's picks for the best K-pop songs of last year -- 15& shine when they keep things simple and more stripped down, focusing on their talent and voices rather than flashy visuals or production.

"Love Is Madness" is the first new song since the duo's debut full-length album Sugar