VIXX Talk NYC Debut, K-Pop Acts Created on Reality TV & How Their Parents Respond to Their Dark Videos

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The K-pop boy band chat about 2015 plans, rivalries and deep love for their fans: "It's more about them than topping the charts."

Late last month, VIXX took over New York's Terminal 5 venue to bring their brand of dark-pop bangers. Despite some technical difficulties, the band powered through the a 16-song setlist that, at one point, saw dozens of fans all raising copies of the same paper banner with a message thanking VIXX for all they've done.

Billboard checked in with the band post-show and it turns out the feeling of apprication is mutual, with members N, Hongbin, Ravi, Leo, Hyuk and Ken gushing praise for their fans while touching on the show's sound issues, their K-pop rivals and more.

BILLBOARD: You just finished your first New York showcase. How are you guys feeling right now?

N: We're so glad that there are so many fans and the reaction in the audience was totally awesome. It was such a blast to be here.

Do you guys have any time to visit New York or sight see?

N: There's a lot of place we want to go, but we're leaving at 8 a.m. tomorrow so we're very sad. 

Hongbin: We want to go to the Empire State Building and Times Square.

You played KCON 2014 and held U.S. showcases last year, but this is the first time you'll perform material from your latest EP Error. What was the fan reaction like?

Ravi: It was our first time showing the new choreography to the new music for Error. We loved how the fans really liked it and appreciated it and we're really grateful, in particular, for their appreciation of the new songs.

Is America an important territory for you to focus on?

N: We always felt bad that we always have to be far away in Korea to show what we can do for our fans and stuff. But we love the opportunity that we can come and embrace and talk to our fans and become closer with the fans to give them the love and support we receive back to them. It was such a great experience and we're happy to be back too.

I noticed there were some sound issues. Leo, at one point you took out your earpiece. What was going through your head then?

Leo: I wanted to show myself 110 percent to the fans, but I feel really sorry to the fans that I couldn't show that. My mic wasn't working well for the first two songs and it really disappointed me. I was really sad that I might have disappointed my fans, by any chance and any means. I just wish I could have done better.

In November, Error became your highest-charting album on Billboard's World Albums chart (peaking at No. 3). Do you feel your popularity growing around the world? 

N: It's really more about the fans and how our love for them is growing bigger. It's that energy that they bring to the shows that helps us to feel more love. It's more about them than topping the charts.

Speaking specifically about your American fans, do you notice anything different between them and those in other countries?

N: We love that our fanbase in the U.S. is a bit more energetic than Korea. We love how if they dance, we dance 200 percent more. That energy that the fans bring to concert is what we feed off of and we love how fans are happier, dancing with us and are more involved with the concerts.

You guys just met your fans face-to-face with your high-five event after the show. Do you have any memorable moments with specific fans?

Hyuk: We don't have many opportunities to meet our U.S. fans, but now that we got to meet them we're really happy and they're really special -- each in our own way. There's not really one fan we can pick and say, "Oh! She was the best fan or he was the best fan!"

VIXX is known for their dark concepts and music video. I've always wondered, what do your parents think of the emphasis on darker looks?

N: It doesn't matter if the concept is dark or not. Even if it's dark right now, we're the sons of the family and they're all still worried. They're still yelling "Fighting!" and always there trying to support and love us. And, actually, they said it's kind of hot so…

Your families said that?!

N: Yeah! "Very cool and hot."

Looking to the future, are there are any concepts or sounds you guys really wants to try?

N: It's a secret! Be prepared, we have a lot coming, but it's a secret.

VIXX was created on the K-pop reality competition show Mydol. Since then, we've seen acts like WINNER and iKON created on similar shows, Kara found their new member on one. It feels like VIXX started a trend. Do you ever feel like they copied your initial concept?

Ravi: There's been a lot of people, veterans like BIGBANG and other people, that did reality shows that showed them as trainees. We don't feel like there's any competition or that groups like WINNER or iKON are copying us. We all feel like everyone has their own, individual style. Everyone's different and going their own ways to become the best.

And looking forward, what's planned for the rest of 2014 and 2015?

N: We still have a desire to become a trend. Like VIXX is the trend. And we all want to go a cruise vacation together and relax.

That'd be fun. Where do you want to go?

N: Jeju Island, because it's close [Laughs.]

Do you guys have a message you want to tell your fans?

Ken: Thank you for always loving us and supporting us. And always being there for us. You guys are like our backbone. We'll do our best to repay you because you give us all that love. We love you!


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