Watch AOA Play Soulful, Seductive Spies in 'Like a Cat' Video



The seven-member girl group return at their most alluring yet for a confident new single.

As one of the new girl groups helping K-pop embrace its sexuality in 2014, AOA return with "Like a Cat" -- the lead single off their second EP which marks their third comeback this year.

Like earlier 2014 releases "Miniskirt" and "Short Hair," the sextet teamed up with K-pop hitmakers Brave Brothers for a rhythmic-pop joint that lends itself for a sultry production that might be the band's boldest statement yet.

The act's latest features a beat, guitar and "hey!" shouts from leader Jimin that are all very reminiscent to the aforementioned singles. Meanwhile, "Like a Cat" incorporates a few fresh elements into the mix like funky keys and trumpet blasts, the latter adding an invigorating kick to the hook section. Pop fans should also listen up for a sample of a moan that sounds awfully similar to those heard in Britney Spears' 2007 single "Piece of Me." 

For their past singles, AOA sang lyrics of donning a "Miniskirt" and cutting their locks for "Short Hair" to get a guy to notice them. But now, the girls are in control saying they'll seduce their lover "Like a Cat" in moving secretly and seductively that they won't even know what hit them. Even on the hook, the girls boast in English, "I'm good, I'm hot, I'm fresh, I'm fly!" Maybe it's been the success of two hit singles, but the AOA gals aren't doubting themselves any longer.