Beast Celebrate 5 Years in K-Pop With New Ballad '12:30'



The boy band give the public a heartbreaking ballad... but with a refreshing twist.

Ahead of their two most recent releases, Beast released ballads as buzz tracks to preview their upcoming material. The boy band previewed 2013 LP Hard to Love, How to Love with the ballad "Will You Be Okay?," which hit No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100, while the mellow "No More" was released ahead of their Good Luck EP this year. Curiously on the charts, both ballads outperformed the up-tempo singles that were promoted more heavily.

As a celebration to their five-year anniversary in the industry, Beast decided to play to their strength by releasing a ballad, "12:30," from their new EP Time

Beast's latest begins like any other ballad with a simple piano melody and powerful drums backing the boys' heartbreaking analogy: "12:30" represents people in a relationship situated like two hands of the clock at half past twelve, or, two people looking in completely different directions.

But like how Beast mixed classical musical elements into their EDM beats on "Good Luck," "12:30" also brings an unexpected sonic surprise with its dubstep-y electronic blips and bloops infused into the string-led chorus. If anything, Beast's latest seems to prove that the boy band is just beginning to really get creative with their music -- particularly exciting as Beast is one of the few acts to write and compose their material.

The accompanying video sticks to song's analogy with a humongous clock tower dictating how each Beast member interacts with the video's lead female: When the clock hands are near one another, all is happy; when it hits "12:30," they turn into a frustrated, fed-up couple.

And like any good Beast vid, there's impressive group choreography with their latest performed in long-flowing fall and winter coats with the coattails adding additional elegance to the dance.

As Beast's label mates 4Minute entered their five-year anniversary stronger than ever, it's safe to say the sextet is in no position to stumble anytime soon upon reaching theirs.