Roy Kim Returns With Inspiring Acoustic Ballad 'Home' & New Album


Roy Kim

The 'Superstar K' champ makes his return with a ready-for-fall folk album.

After winning singing competition Superstar K 4, Roy Kim kicked off his K-pop career with a bang when his debut single "Bom Bom Bom" ruled the K-Pop Hot 100 chart for three weeks, earning the seventh biggest single of 2013. The singer-songwriter returns with his folky sophomore effort, Home, led by its heartfelt, acoustic-leaning title track.

"Home" introduces the album with its comforting, ethereal sound. The ballad is characterized by light guitar strumming, soft piano, Kim's strong-but-subtle vocals and orchestral strings led by three-time Grammy-winning producer Marc Uselli. The 21-year-old softly croons to comfort a distressed person and tells them to just come to him and be. It's never quite clear if Kim is singing to a lover, friend or even a stranger, but the ambiguity makes the song that much more universal and open to interpretation. 

The video coincides with Kim's universal message showing people of all ages, shapes and walks of lives finding comfort in one another. From a young girl shaming a prissy adult for shaming an old man to an adult man saving a schoolgirl from her bullies, there's no shortage of heartwarming stories to gain inspiration from. Kim watches the different interactions throughout the visual before coming home to comfort someone -- his puppy. 

"Home" is lead single off the Georgetown University student's sophomore LP of the same name. In a rare move, all nine tracks from the set were uploaded to YouTube via CJ E&M.  With a sound that recalls Jason Mraz's new acoustic YES! album, Home was composed entirely by Kim himself.

Via the playlist above, watch the video for "Home" and continue listening to the rest of the fitting-for-fall album above.