Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: August 2014


Taemin (of SHINee)

SM Entertainment acts have the top 2 on lock while newbies WINNER and Red Velvet make big splashes.

K-pop fans ended their summers watching veteran acts along with a slew of newcomers on YouTube this month. The top viewed K-pop video around the world was "Mamacita" by veteran boy band Super Junior this August while the debut solo clip from SHINee-member Taemin was most watched in America, according to YouTube.

"Mamacita" is the comeback video for Super Junior after the band spent two years away from the scene. Despite dropping with three days left in the month (Aug. 28), "Mamacita" pulled out the win over highly-anticipated debut videos from their label mates on SM Entertainment. Those included Red Velvet -- SM's first girl group since debuting f(x) in 2009 -- whose "Happiness" vid was the second-most viewed around the world. As well, Taemin's solo debut proved to pique much interest with his "Danger" video as the third-most watched. 

Taemin's solo venture was particularly well-received in America where "Danger" was the country's most-viewed K-pop video of the month. SHINee proved their large U.S. following last year as one of the first Koreans to rank on the year-end World Albums artists chart and just last month Taemin's Ace EP debuted at No. 20 on Heatseekers Albums. While Super Junior earned second place in America, newcomer boy band WINNER outranked Red Velvet with their debut video "Empty," No. 4 globally.

Notably, WINNER dropped two more videos this month with "Color Ring," out the same day as "Empty" (Aug. 11), and "I'm Him" that starred member Mino. "Color Ring" placed on both rankings (No. 6 in America, No. 7 around the world) while "I'm Him" only placed in America (No. 8), perhaps indicating a high U.S. interest in the group.

Other than Red Velvet, several girl groups also ranked high with Kara's new single, "Mamma Mia," earning the sixth-most viewed K-pop vid globally and seventh in America. It was the outfit's first clip since losing Nicole and Jiyoung and gaining new member Youngji. SISTAR, Secret and new act 4L make the rankings too, the latter group likely making the cut due to their sexually-driven visual for "Move."

Lastly of note, KCON 2014 performers BTS rank higher on the American chart than globally, possibly highlighting a growing stateside interest in the band who held a surprise concert in L.A. and polished their hip-hop skills with the likes of Coolio this year. (Note: The version of "Danger" uploaded by Korean music distributor 1theK has 2.3 million views and ranks on both lists; another version uploaded by their record label Big Hit Entertainment has more than one million.)

Check out August's full rankings below with an accompanying YouTube playlist.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - August 2014

1. Taemin, "Danger"
2. Super Junior, "Mamacita"
3. WINNER, "Empty"
4. Red Velvet, "Happiness"
5. BTS, "Danger"
6. WINNER, "Color Ring"
7. Kara, "Mamma Mia"
8. WINNER, "I'm Him" (Mino Solo)
9. Zhang Li Yin, "Agape"
10. SISTAR, "I Swear"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World - August 2014

1. Super Junior, "Mamacita"
2. Red Velvet, "Happiness"
3. Taemin, "Danger"
4. WINNER, "Empty"
5. 4L, "Move"
6. Kara, "Mamma Mia"
7. WINNER, "Color Ring"
8. BTS, "Danger"
9. Secret, "I'm in Love"
10. SISTAR, "I Swear"