Ladies' Code's 'I'm Fine Thank You' Tops Real-Time Charts in Korea, Rise's Condition Still Unknown

2014 LADIES' CODE - KISS KISS (Polaris Entertainment)

Korean music fans touchingly helped the girl group realize their dream of hitting No. 1

The K-pop community is mourning and praying for Ladies' Code after the girl group was involved in a car accident yesterday that took the life of member EunB and left Rise in critical condition.

In Korea, music fans have come together to send "I'm Fine Thank You" to the top of the country's real-time music charts (such as Melon). Heartbreakingly, Ladies' Code revealed earlier this year a group goal for 2014 was to earn a No. 1 single and music fans have belatedly made that dream come true. 

The touching song featuring lyrics about waiting for someone that will never come, but wishing them happiness anyway. The track was included on the group's Code#02 Pretty Pretty EP from September 2013. The song has edged out new singles on Korea's real-time rankings. At press time, the track is also ranked as Ladies' Code "Top Song" on U.S. iTunes. Listen below:

The news comes as the final condition for fellow Ladies' Code member Rise is still unknown after she was reported to be in critical condition and left unconscious from accident. Reports indicate the 23-year-old has gone through hours of surgery with severe damage to her head and leg. Member SoJung appears to be recovering in a hospital from her major injuries, but is scheduled for surgery.

Meanwhile, the phrases "Ladies' Code," "RIPEunB" and "#PrayForLadiesCode" were trending topics on Facebook and Twitter with "#PrayForLadiesCode" still currently ranking high in Seoul.