Ladies' Code Involved in Fatal Car Accident: EunB Dead, Two Members Severely Injured


Ladies' Code

Members Rise and SoJung retained major injuries, leaving 23-year-old Rise in critical condition

Ladies' Code were involved in a fatal car accident the morning of Sept. 3 (local time) on their way to Seoul.

According to a statement from the South Korean act's label Polaris Entertainment, reports Yahoo! Philipines, the van driving the girl group had its back wheel fall off. The vehicle slipped on the rainy road and ran into a guardrail. The accident left member EunB dead. She was 21.

Also in the van were Ladies' Code members Rise, said to be in critical condition, and SoJung, injured and hospitalized. Other passengers (including Ashley, Zuny, band managers and stylists) did not retain serious injuries.

Upon the news, the K-pop community responded on Twitter with phrases like "#RIPEunB" and "#PrayForLadiesCode" that began trending worldwide, the former being the most-talked about topic at one point. The phrases "Ladies Code" and "Sojung and RiSe" also trended worldwide.

After their early 2013 debut, Ladies' Code were selected by Billboard as one of five K-pop acts to watch in 2014. The group released new single "Kiss Kiss" on Aug. 6, following up "So Wonderful," their biggest hit on the K-Pop Hot 100.

Below is the most recent solo picture Ladies' Code's official Twitter uploaded of EunB from Aug. 15.