Gimme Five: IU's Favorite Singers (Video)

Courtesy of CJ E&M

IU at KCON 2014

Though she's only 21, IU has proven in her six years on the K-pop scene that she has a musical taste far beyond her years. The singer has earned No. 1s on the K-Pop Hot 100 after dabbling in everything from big band swing to classic Korean tunes. After telling Billboard she'd like to cover Prince, Sting and Peter, Paul and Mary, we decided to pick the singer's brain for more musical inspiration and find out the five singers she calls her favorites.

As the first Korean act to be featured in Billboard's "Gimme Five" series, IU did not disappoint with picks to showcase her eclectic, sophisticated taste. Who makes up her favorites? You might be surprised to hear Norwegian singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl along with the "Say Something" duo A Great Big World. "They are really hot these days," IU says of the Christina Aguilera collaborators. "I've been listening to them a lot."

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