IU Talks First US Performance, New Album & 'Modern Family' at KCON 2014: Video Interview

Courtesy of CJ E&M

IU at KCON 2014

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of KCON 2014 was K-pop's solo superstar IU performing her first-ever performance in America. Backstage at the festival, the K-Pop Hot 100 all-time leader talks to Billboard about her experience.

"I always get nervous when I'm performing at international shows," she says. "I just met with some fans and they were happy to see me and also had placards too so now I'm really excited...I think I need to study English for the next visit to the U.S. It's suffocating not being able to communicate with fans so I will study hard. I've been having fun watching 'Modern Family' lately. Season 6 is coming out in October so I'll learn English watching it."

But before her anticipated return, the 21-year-old will likely drop her new album which she says she's in the early stages of planning. "I haven't decided on the genre yet," she reveals. "But I feel it will sound natural and show my personal side, rather than being fancy with strong stories."

In the meantime, fans will continue listening to IU's most recent EP "A Flower Bookmark," released in May. The release was a seven-track collection of classic Korean song covers. When asked what classic Western song she would choose to cover, IU showed her eclectic taste while pondering material from Eva Cassidy, Sting and Prince before deciding on a gorgeous hit by Peter, Paul and Mary.

Find out which Peter, Paul and Mary song she'd choose, and more, by watching the full interview above. Look out for more with IU and other KCON performers coming to Billboard's K-Town soon.