Block B Hangs With An Ostrich, Hawks Laundry Detergent in Zany 'Her' Video: Watch

Block B

The wild K-pop band bring another wacked-out visual for their surf-pop single

In the boy band's latest, the viewer is hit with an array of quick shots showing the boys mini-golfing, jumping on top of golf carts, falling of bicycles, throwing golf clubs, burping bubbles and more as the band sings through the first verse. As we're introduced to the guys' individual styles — such as P.O's bright-pink hair radiating on the screen — it's certainly worth hitting the replay button to make sure you catch all the hilariously random moments.

But the most entertaining parts come in the second verse, kicked off when leader Zico doles out his rap section while chilling alongside a humongous ostrich. Apparently the gigantic birds are brilliant co-stars with the 21-year-old free to touch, pet and spit rhymes at the beast. The video moves into an infomercial-like section where the guys hawk $199 "Her" laundry detergent – that's really a Tide bottle with the signature orange-and-blue label replaced.

The clip takes a musical break for an adorable talk-show interview section where Zico chats about the group's "cute" concept for this new single. Block B finishes up the video playing the talk show's guests, backing band and performers. 

With elements of '60s surf-pop and gospel choirs, "Her" is a lighter, sonic side of Block B compared to their recent, in-your-face releases like "Jackpot" and "Very Good." Fans have been eagerly awaiting Block B's return after April's "Jackpot" and its coinciding promotions were cancelled when the video was revealed a day before South Korea's Sewol ferry tragedy that halted the K-pop industry. "Jackpot" was released stateside last week and is said to appear, alongside "Her," on Block B's forthcoming, six-track EP.