Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: June 2014

Snoop Dogg/Facebook

PSY & Snoop Dogg, "Hangover" MV

PSY sweeps, but acts touring America climb up the U.S. ranking

Led by the YouTube King himself, K-pop acts racked up millions of views throughout June. Unsurprisingly, PSY's "Hangover" video was the most viewed K-pop music video both in America and around the globe with Taeyang and a slew of boy bands ranking high across the board.

"Hangover" featuring Snoop Dogg has earned more than 90 million views since its June 8 reveal while his Korean labelmate Taeyang has snagged more than 11 million views with his "Eyes, Nose, Lips" and takes second place in both rankings. Taeyang's follow up vid "1AM" was the month's third most-watched in America, and fourth globally, further proving the singer's stateside interest following his Billboard 200 record-breaking "Rise" LP

Notably, boy bands U-KISS and Boyfriend – both of whom held U.S. tours this year – make the Top 8 ranking in America at Nos. 6 and 8, respectively, but U-KISS ranks No. 8 globally while Boyfriend misses the Top 8 altogether. Meanwhile after earning the most-viewed K-pop video of January 2014 in America, GOT7 again ranks high with their new video for "A" as the fourth most-watched in America and fifth around the globe. Beast lands two entries this month, both within the Top 7.

Watch playlists of the Top 8 most viewed K-pop videos in both America and around the world below, according to YouTube.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - June 2014

1. PSY feat. Snoop Dogg, "Hangover"
2. Taeyang, "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
3. Taeyang, "1AM"
4. GOT7, "A"
5. Beast, "Good Luck"
6. U-KISS, "Don't Flirt"
7. Beast, "No More"
8. Boyfriend, "Obsession"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World - June 2014

1. PSY feat. Snoop Dogg, "Hangover" 
2. Taeyang, "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
3. Beast, "Good Luck"
4. Taeyang, "1AM"
5. GOT7, "A"
6. AOA, "Short Hair"
7. Beast, "No More"
8. U-KISS, "Don't Flirt"