g.o.d. Apologizes for Long Hiatus in 'Sky Blue Promise': Listen

g.o.d., "Sky Blue Promise" MV

The feel-good R&B tune is the second buzz track ahead of the veteran K-pop group's comeback album

When g.o.d's first song in 10 years shot to No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100, it was evident fans were more than willing to welcome the classic Korean act back. But the quintet still wants to apologize for the long wait, as heard in their latest track "Sky Blue Promise."

In the feel-good R&B track, the g.o.d members croon and rap their feelings about returning to the K-pop scene after a decade away. The guys reminisce about their initial promotions (mentioning their former record label, JYP Entertainment, on the chorus) and wax about being 30- and 40-year-olds promoting in K-pop today (saying younger singers bow to them when meeting them).

But the main takeaway is that g.o.d feels guilty about the hiatus, but is overjoyed about reuniting with fans. The title "Sky Blue Promise" refers to the band's official fan club color (many K-pop acts have an official color, typically seen in all their merchandise) and a pledge to said fan club that they said they would return one day. While it took 10 years, the heartfelt sentiment is clear with the guys ending each chorus with the translated lyric, "I'm sorry we've made you wait for so long."

The accompanying music video shows behind-the-scenes footage of g.o.d at a photoshoot, in the studio and at a concert, highlighting their close bromance still strong today.

Following "The Lone Duckling" from May, "Sky Blue Promise" is the second buzz track to hype g.o.d.'s uber-anticipated comeback album. The full LP drops on July 8.