San E & After School's Raina Serve Addictive Melodies in 'A Midsummer Night's Sweetness'

The rapper follows up his first K-Pop No. 1 by recruiting the girl group songbird

Six months after topping the K-Pop Hot 100 with "Break Up Dinner" featuring Sanchez, rapper/singer San E is back with another collabo that sounds primed for success. This time, he enlists the powerhouse vocalist of girl group After School, Raina.

"A Midsummer Night's Sweetness" is dreamy, mid-tempo R&B duet that sees the pair finding a harmonious musical balance: San E's raps are frosted with Raina's harmonies while he ad-libs in between her hooks. The two detail a breezy, slightly drunken summer night spent rekindling a past crush.

Raina's chorus is packed with catchy melodies that can easily get stuck inside listeners' heads. The 25-year-old is known as a belter on After School tracks, but on "Sweetness" she keeps her pipes restrained so anyone's able to sing along. Plus, the AS member's fun sing-talking and sighs interspersed throughout San E's lines are fun to join in with.

The adorable video's storyline sees the MC interviewing the songbird for a job and later going on a date together. 

Male-female duets appear to be the flavor of the first half of 2014. Collaborations between Gary and Jung In, High4 and IU plus Soyou and Junggigo have all hit No. 1 with the Soyou/Junggigo pairing tying the all-time chart record for most weeks atop the ranking.

San E and Raina began promoting the song with romantic-yet-fun performances on K-pop music chart shows. Watch the duo perform the track and end hand-in-hand below