Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America vs. Around the World: May 2014

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EXO and 2NE1 prove their popularity around the world while Orange Caramel appears to be local favorites

Another month goes by and K-pop stars continue to rack up millions of views on YouTube. While the scene's latest boy band sensation EXO halved themselves into two subgroups to promote new single "Overdose," both of their videos kept fans watching and re-watching.

The Korean version of EXO's "Overdose," recorded by EXO-K, was the most viewed K-pop video of May both in America and around the world. Meanwhile, the Mandarin Chinese rendition, by EXO-M, earned the runner-up slot. 2NE1's new video for dance single "Gotta Be You" was the third most watched clip across the board too. 

It's after these groups that the viewership starts to vary on a stateside and global level. Boy bands VIXX and INFINITE prove their burgeoning popularity in America by snagging the fourth and fifth top-viewed vids with "Eternity" and "Last Romeo," respectively — a ranking perhaps helped from recent U.S. concert dates from both. On a global level, INFINITE ranked No. 6 while VIXX was No. 10. 

Just below those two young groups is veteran boy band g.o.d. who, despite 10 years away from the scene, were able to garner up enough interest and grab the sixth most viewed K-pop video in America while they were the eighth internationally. It's possibly an indication that K-pop isn't just being watched by young fans, but longtime listeners too.

Also of note, quirky-cute girl group Orange Caramel is the only act to be one of the Top 10 most-viewed in America, with promotional music video single "Abing Abing" recorded for Baskin Robbins, while missing the international Top 10. In March, Orange Caramel's "Catallena" video was the third most watched K-pop visual in America, but sixth around the world, maybe indicating an American inclination towards the trio.

Watch playlists of both Top 10s below.

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - May 2014

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"
2. EXO-M, "Overdose"
3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"
4. VIXX, "Eternity"
5. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"
6. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling
7. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"
8. Orange Caramel, "Abing Abing"
9. IU, "My Old Story"
10. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Globally - May 2014

1. EXO-K, "Overdose"
2. EXO-M, "Overdose"
3. 2NE1, "Gotta Be You"
4. Akdong Musician, "Give Love"
5. IU, "My Old Story"
6. INFINITE, "Last Romeo"
7. Hyoseung, "Good-night Kiss"
8. g.o.d., "The Lone Duckling"
9. Jiyeon, "Never Ever"
10. VIXX, "Eternity"