K-Pop Concerts on Major Global Increase (Infographic)

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Super Junior live in Hong Kong

More and more K-pop acts are playing America and outside of Korea these days

K-pop isn't just thriving on YouTube nowadays. According to new research, K-pop concerts have been showing tremendous and continuous growth around the world for the past four years. While most of the concerts unsurprisingly skew towards East Asia, data shows Korean acts are touring more than ever and, with that, visiting more territories. 

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Concert kickstarter website MyMusicTaste.com – which looks at fan demands to bring acts to different countries – present it all in an infographic that you can check out exclusively through Billboard below.

Digging a little deeper into the numbers, specifically in North America, K-pop concerts have nearly returned to their all-time record. In 2010, Wonder Girls went on a lengthy U.S. tour, accounting for 15 of the 18 K-pop concerts in North America that year. After that tour, the numbers dipped, but have since grown from six in 2011, 13 in 2012 and then 17 last year. 

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Looking at a case study for one of K-pop's biggest touring forces, the 12-member male act Super Junior, the act has been consistently adding more concerts since 2010, at first only touring around Asia to visiting four continents in 2013.

Check out the K-pop concert stats below and get access to major shows (including recent performances by B.A.P, Teen Top, CNBLUE and more) in America on Billboard's K-Town column.

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Infographic by MyMusicTaste.com