Akdong Musician Remain Lovesick Quirksters in 'Give Love' Video: Watch

Akdong Musician, "Give Love" MV

The brother-sister duo followup the video for "200%" with an adorable part two

After a somber mini-film for second single "Melted," Akdong Musician release a whimsical video for their third single "Give Love." The visual acts as the part two to debut vid "200%," which just bowed out of the No. 1 slot on the K-Pop Hot 100 after a two-week reign. 

Like "200%," "Give Love" is another peppy, breezy track that sees the duo rapping on the verses with a syrupy, hook-laden chorus.

Previous to its release, the brother-sister duo's record label YG Entertainment (home to PSY, 2NE1 and BIGBANG) announced that AKMU's "Play" album would be promoted via three singles: The first, "200%," selected by YG; the second, "Melted," was picked by the act; and the third would be chosen by the public, based on chart performance of the other "Play" tracks. "Give Love" outcharted all the other songs — peaking at No. 3 on the K-Pop Hot 100, so far — and, thus, becomes the third single.

Akdong Musician Rules K-Pop Hot 100 With Debut Album 'Play'

Akdong Musician's new video continues the lovelorn storyline of "200%" (refresh your memory by watching below), but with a new development: AKMU sister Lee Soohyun is still infatuated with her older friend, but learns that the girl who he spends all his time with is actually his sister, not his girlfriend! With Soohyun free to pursue her man, the viewer catches the very beginnings of their relationship with as the 15-year-old sends him a heart emoji icon on her phone.

Meanwhile, the vid concludes with AKMU brother Lee Chanhyuk following and snapping pictures of the sister of Soohyun's crush. Will the young love continue in a part three?