Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos in America vs. Internationally: Quarter 1 of 2014

Girls' Generation/Facebook

Girls' Generation's Tiffany at the YouTube Music Awards 2013

2NE1, Girls' Generation, GOT7 and Girl's Day singles resonated with YouTube audiences around the world and stateside

If it weren't for YouTube, K-pop likely wouldn't be a word in music fans' vocabulary today. From hyper-dedicated fanbases to the curious YouTube browser, Korean pop acts have been been notable for racking up millions of views thanks to the high-quality, glossy videos that accompany their deliciously addictive hooks.

As more K-pop acts continue to make America a priority -- about a dozen K-pop idols have already performed stateside in 2014 with more booked to come -- one can gain remarkable insight from looking at what videos have resonated most with U.S. audiences compared to the overall global viewership.

2013's Most Viewed K-Pop Music Videos

For example, newbie boy band GOT7 was January's most viewed K-pop video stateside but established girl group Girl's Day was No. 1 around the world. Did the Southern hip-hop sound in GOT7's "Girls Girls Girls" resonate more with the American audience, in contrast to the disco synths of "Something"? Or how did unknown K-pop singer Lee Michelle score more views in America than Crayon Pop who released "Uh-ee" days after being announced as Lady Gaga's tour opener?

With YouTube providing the information, Billboard will release the top-viewed K-pop videos released that month in America and around the globe. Fans can always read K-Town's weekly chart article that includes chart stats for K-pop acts on the K-Pop Hot 100, YouTube chart and beyond.

Do your favorites have bragging rights? Keep in mind this counts views for videos released during that month and only counts views from the first of the month to the last of it. Check out the top K-pop videos in America and around the world from Quarter 1 of 2014 (January, February and March) below.

January 2014 - Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America

4. Rainbow Blaxx, "Cha Cha"
5. Gary, "Shower Later"
6. Rain, "30Sexy"
7. Rain, "La Song"
8. B1A4, "Lonely"

January 2014 - Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Globally
Girl's Day, "Something"
2. GOT7, "Girls Girls Girls"
3. AOA, "Miniskirt"
4. Rainbow Blaxx, "Cha Cha"
5. Ga In, "Fxxk U" feat. Bumkey

February 2014 - Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos in America

4. CNBLUE, "Can't Stop"
5. Sunmi, "Full Moon"
6. Stella, "Marionette"
7. BTOB, "Beep Beep"
8. BTS, "Boy in Luv"

February 2014 - Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Globally
Girls' Generation, "Mr.Mr."
2. Stella, "Marionette"
3. B.A.P, "1004 (Angel)"
4. CNBLUE, "Can't Stop"
5. S.M. The Ballad, "Breath" featuring Girls' Generaton's Taeyeon & SHINee's Jonghyun

March 2014 - Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos in America

4. 4Minute, "Whatcha Doin' Today?"
5. Super Junior-M, "Swing" (Chinese Version)
6. Lee Michelle, "Without You"
7. Toheart, "Delicious"
8. Crayon Pop, "Uh-ee"

March 2014 - Most-Viewed K-Pop Videos in America
2NE1, "Come Back Home"
2NE1, "Happy"
4Minute, "Whatcha Doin' Today?"
Crayon Pop, "Uh-ee"
Super Junior-M, "Swing" (Chinese Version)


Look out for the most-viewed K-pop videos of April 2014 coming to Billboard's K-Town next week.