Crayon Pop Unleashes Mind-Boggling, Non-Stop Dance Routine in 'Uh-ee' Video: Watch


Crayon Pop

Just try and keep up with Lady Gaga's touring mates

After Crayon Pop's oh-so-viral choreography took them to the top of the K-Pop Hot 100 and landed themselves on Lady Gaga's tour, the quirky K-pop act returns with a new single, "Uh-ee," accompanied with a routine that's more like an intense aerobic workout than a silly dance.

Over a hyper-techno dance beat that would fit in an "Dance Dance Revolution" soundtrack, the girls bring their signature style of playful coos, raps and chants. While none of it is nearly as catchy as the "Bar Bar Bar" chorus nor the "Merry Christmas" hooks, there's certainly enough memorable lines -- namely the chorus' "Oi!" shouts -- sprinkled throughout the track, all bound to get lodged in the listeners' brain.

Crayon Pop truly shines in the accompanying music video, performing a routine one could liken more to aerobics than a pop performance. On the verses, the girls dole out karate kicks, silly faces and other whimsical choreography for the cameras. Meanwhile, the quintet packs in even more fun moves on the chorus, including flapping their arms like chickens, jumping in place while holding an ankle and super-slick footwork on the section's final hook. As fun as it all looks, there's serious skill that goes into pulling off a routine like that and have it not come off as a collective mess. 

The ladies don fun bandanas with a rather unflattering white shirt and sweatpants combo but -- like tourmate Gaga -- Crayon Pop seems uninterested in presenting themselves as pretty or glamorous and instead cater to their performance. Case in point: Rolling up their sweatpants lets viewers see their incredible footwork.

U.S. and Canadian fans can catch Crayon Pop doing the moves from "Uh-ee," "Bar Bar Bar" and more on Lady Gaga's "Artrave: The Artpop Ball" tour this summer. Click here for tour dates.