5 Wildest Moments of 4Minute's 'Whatcha Doin' Today' Video: Watch

4Minute, "Whatcha Doin' Today" MV

Candy that makes boys kiss, girls at urinals, lots of spanking and more...

After playing with zombies in "What's Your Name?" and getting soaked at the club in "Is It Poppin'?," popular girl group 4Minute returns with what may be its craziest visual yet for new single "Whatcha Doin' Today." 

Sonically, 4Minute sing and rap over a whimsical, horn-driven electro-dance beat -- created by super producer Brave Brothers, who concocted the group's first K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1. True to its title, the quintet asks its love interest what they're up to, but also send encouraging words so that their time together is even more special.

While that message might sound sweet, the accompanying video for "Whatcha Doin' Today" is a wild, playfully-sexual visual with loads of must-see moments from the 4M gals. Watch the video and then have more fun with the five craziest moments from the vid below.

1. HyunA's Flashy Solo Shots

Dancing around a pole in a tube top and short shorts, 4Minute's solo star HyunA opens the video with her signature seductive stares. It's 20 seconds until the rest of the group appears as the rapper struts and shimmies with a gaggle of back-up dancers. Each 4M girl gets a series of solo scenes, but HyunA's get more seductive as the video continues.

2. Jiyoon Rules the Boys' Bathroom

With six guys in the stall with her at 0:49, rapper Jiyoon commands all their eyes as she doles out a fierce rap with her shorts down -- at one point shooting the camera a "suck it" pose. 4Minute can roll with the tough guys.  

3. Gayoon Gives a Spanking

Baby-faced, sweet-voiced Gayoon is the last 4Minute gal one would expect to get racy, but at the 1:05 mark the vocalist starts surveying a slew of female dancer bums before selecting one to give a forceful spank. Nearly five years after its debut, 4Minute still has a few surprises left for fans.

(Bonus spank: HyunA and a male dancer ...but it's not nearly as shocking to see that from Ms. HyunA.)

4. Jihyun Doesn't Get the Guys

As 4Minute's leader, Jihyun is expected to keep harmony between the members. At 3:06, she finds herself in seemingly familiar situation with two male dancers on the verge of choking each other while vying for her attention. In a Princess Lolly-inspired outfit, she remedies the situation by giving both a piece of candy, which somehow backfires on the 24-year-old and ignites an intense makeout session between the guys -- much to Jihyun's dismay.

5. Jiyoon Masters the Urinals?

As "Whatcha Doin' Today" winds down, the viewer gets a sweet-but-short wild moment at 3:20 as Jiyoon jokingly stands next to a urinal, perhaps inspired by her earlier washroom cavorts. But the 23-year-old can't keep herself from cracking up, laughing on set among the dancers.


"Whatcha Doin' Today" is lead single off 4Minute's new EP, "4Minute World," featuring four other new tracks.