Girls' Generation Explains 'Mr.Mr.' Video, Reveals 2014 Resolutions: Exclusive Video Interview

Exclusive Photo: Girls' Generation members Yuri, Sunny, Seohyun, Yoona and Jessica behind the scenes at "Mr.Mr." Video

The K-pop ninesome earned its best chart position yet on the Billboard 200 this week

If exciting chart moves in both the United States and in South Korea weren't indication enough, Girls' Generation's K-pop comeback has been an internationally-recognize event. While the group's new EP, "4th Mini Album 'Mr. Mr.,'" starts at No. 110 on the Billboard 200 -- the group's highest entry to date -- its lead single "Mr.Mr." is No. 5 on the K-Pop Hot 100 and the best selling new K-pop song on the World Digitial Songs.

"The song has the exciting and powerful melodies that we think characterize Girls' Generation quite well," the group's leader Tae Yeon tells Billboard.

The ninesome brought its Underdogs-produced single to life playing dreamy nurses and surgeons in the accompanying "Mr.Mr." video -- the follow-up to the group's YouTube Music Award-winning video "I Got a Boy."

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"Our new music video has the concept of encouraging and boosting the confidence of those men who have lost courage," member Sooyoung says, speaking to why Girls' Generation is operating on the video's male stars. "We won video of the year at the YouTube Music Awards last year. In gratefulness for receiving such an incredible award and so much love, we worked really hard this time as well."

After being away from the K-pop scene since January 2013, the ninesome adds it'll make the wait worth it.

"Since 2014 is the 'Year of the Horse,' we plan to run energetically like a horse," Sooyoung adds. "Starting with our new mini album, there are many plans ahead. In appreciation for the fans who have waited our comeback for a long time, we plan do lots of performances throughout the year."

Watch the video interview below.