Ga In's Violent, Explicit 'Fxxk U' Video Pushes K-Pop Boundaries: Watch

"Fxxk U" MV

PSY's "Gentleman" co-star shouts expletives in one of K-pop's most brilliantly brazen singles.

Despite relatively squeaky-clean track records, it's not totally uncommon to see K-pop stars stir controversy -- K-Town declared 2013 as K-pop's sexiest year yet. But it is rare to see them as brazen as Ga In is with her new track "Fxxk You."

After spending last year promoting with her girl group Brown Eyed Girls and garnering international attention for playing PSY's sassy co-star in his "Gentleman" video, Ga In starts her 2014 with a bold single and video. Crafted by the same producers who made her sexually-charged, throwback-inspired "Bloom," Ga In's latest mixes a bouncy guitar rhythms and R&B-inspired harmonies with Bumkey's smooth rapping and singing. 

The song's subject -- frustrations in love -- is nothing new to the K-pop scene, but the singer's X-rated take on those frustrations is extremely fresh. The chorus translates to, "Fuck you, don't want it now / I don't want to lie beside you as if it's something natural / Fuck you, you know, fuck you! / I don't want to do it like this / That's not how I feel... fuck you."

And in case the lyrics didn't make it clear enough, the video makes Ga In's brash message even more so.

True to the subject matter, Ga In plays a woman stuck in a frustrated relationship, clearly angry with her partner -- but seemingly unable to detach herself, giving in to his embrace even after spitting in his face. The visual -- reminiscent of the story between Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan in Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie" vid -- explores all the different aspects of a volatile relationship from the tender moments to the heartbreak. But by the end, the couple's sexy shower has turned their bathroom into a bloody mess.

The controversial song and video has already been deemed "unfit for broadcast" by SBS, one of South Korea's major TV corporations.

Ultimately, it is not Ga In's subject and concept choices that really stick out from other K-pop acts. Instead, it's the confidence and boldness she takes with it that makes "Fxxk You" a standout accomplishment for the singer that solidifies her a must-watch solo star.

"Fxxk You" is the pre-release buzz single for Ga In's upcoming EP "Truth or Dare," out on Feb. 6. The six-song set features production from "Bad Girls" singer Lee Hyori and JYP Entertainment CEO Park Jin Yong.