Ailee Explains How Her 'Singing Got Better' in Empowering New Single

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The powerhouse vocalist is receiving a wave of support from fellow K-pop idols for her stirring new track.

After earning two K-Pop Hot 100 No. 1s last year, K-pop vocalist Ailee is kicking off 2014 with her eyes on the chart's summit with a stirring new single "Singing Got Better." The piano/guitar-focused R&B jam sees Ailee doing what she does best: Diva vocals soaring over a booming beat. Like past singles "Heaven" and "U&I," the track is an award-worthy vocal performance, but the subject matter is the most striking aspect.

The 24-year-old sings about considering forgoing her dream of being a famous singer for a life as a "good wife" -- that is, until said boyfriend breaks her heart and makes her realize what a fool she had been. The anguish and regret led to a deeper connection with heartbreaking song lyrics and, as a result, more powerful singing.

The subject matter is particularly pertinent to South Korean women -- especially K-pop singers. Too many times harsh fans on the Internet (also known as "netizens") push the message that older, female singers need to settle down with a husband and that they cannot date younger men. While the K-diva doesn't explicitly say that girls shouldn'tone day be a wife, the message us on the right track that once Ailee was left boyfriend-less, she realized she needed to push her own dream.

Notably, many K-pop idols have come out to support Ailee's new single. The New Jersey native's label, YMC Entertainment, tweeted out photos of idols like INFINITE, After School, VIXX, Secret, Apink and more promoting the release. Given the song's empowering subject matter, it's an impressive accomplishment to get so many acts supporting the forward-thinking track.